Welcome To Mongiland

At mongiland, children are provided with the opportunity to experience the process of baking a cake and making chocolates. Meanwhile, also getting a chance to get up close and personal with our world-renowned Chefs and witnessing them design 3D Cakes as well. At the same time getting a firsthand experience of what Monginis is.

What's Mongiland?

It is a place where kids get to have first in hand knowledge about industrialization with one of their most delighted and mouthwatering categories; Cakes and Chocolates. Kids are able to learn and explore while fulfilling their curiosity of knowing how chocolate and cakes are made in an unforgettable experience at our factory.

Mongiland Workshop

Within the Mongiland workshop, which is dedicated to take extra care of children’s needs by providing excellent personal care, safety with secure indoor workshops, and activities which are designed to develop children sensorial and cognitive skills with activities that allow them to have fun and enjoy.

Finally, they get to enjoy design and decorate their own cakes and have a lifetime experience.

Let's Enjoy Some Fun Time!