Welcome to Monginis!

Monginis is one of the leading bakery brands and patisseries that has been delighting the Egyptian market since 1993. With delicious freshly-baked desserts and pastries, Monginis is always there for you to share the happiness in every kind of celebration!

It all started in 1902, when two Italian brothers, the Monginis, decided to open a top-notch shop in Fort, Mumbai, which was named Mongini Ltd.

After World War II, the Mongini brothers had to leave India, selling their cafe to an Indian family: the Khuranas.

In early 1956, under the inspiring vision of our founder, Hussein Khorakiwala, Monginis brand and the family business started as Monginis Foods Ltd.

Monginis entered the packaged cake business unit in 1986; our Yummy vanilla slice cake was out to the world.

Monginis became an international brand in 1993 when Mr. Hussein Khorakiwala sent his two sons Idris and Quresh to Egypt to start a factory.

With the success of our first bakery shop in Salah Salem, Cairo, and with the continuous successes, we started expanding with over 100 shops across Egypt. Today, Monginis is one of the leading bakery brands in Egypt with an extensive presence in Cairo, Giza, Qalioubia, Dakahliya, Sharqeya, Ismailia, Suez, Port Said, Fayoum, Bani Suef and Menya.

We bring joy to everyone! At Monginis, we believe that every moment is a celebration, so we add a delightful taste and joy to every bite. Our desserts are our way of sharing those moments with you, today and every day.

Monginis specializes in providing mouthwatering Cakes, Gateaux and Chocolates, in addition to Oriental Sweets and freshly-baked pastries.

Monginis has different categories of cakes for different occasions like birthday cakes, anniversary cakes and wedding cakes, as well as catering delightful desserts for special occasions such as Oriental Sweets for the Holy month of Ramadan including sharqi, baklava, kunafa, basbusa and qataef.

We also offer Eid delicacies such as kahk, assorted petit fours and nashader biscuits, in addition to a number of special products for Mooled Al Nabi. Our delicacies extend to include international occasions such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s and New Year, where we celebrate by offering thematic cakes, chocolates and other products.

We are also there for on your special occasions with out special 3D and HD cakes, customized to add joy and delight to your celebration.

Monginis is always a great place for exploring different sweets on every occasion!